Make digital tablet pressure brush work in Gimp

Welcome to another tutorial!

Here’s how to make a digital tablet’s pressure brush work in Gimp (ver. 2.8.4) under Windows XP Pro SP3, using a Wacom Bamboo CTH-460.

Step 1
-Make sure your Wacom tablet is properly installed.

Step 2.
-Open Gimp, go in EDIT > Input Devices >
-Set both WACOM Tablet Eraser (if available) and Pressure Stylus to “screen“.

Step 3.
-Enjoy drawing with pressure recognition!

MORE: Erasing
-Those whose stylus have an eraser tip, simply flip your stylus upside-down and Gimp will switch from the pen to the eraser tip. It remembers which tool was selected for which tip, so make sure you select the ERASER tool for the eraser end and a BRUSH tool when using the writing tip (or any tool you want).




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