GOG.com – No fake

My first impression when I stumble on GOG.com for the first time was that is a was a scam. I even sent them e-mails asking  to prove me their affiliation with CD Projekt Red (makers of The Witcher game). I just couldn’t believe that a company was selling DRM-Free games and at the advertised price. It was too good to be true.

Well, dream no more: it is true. It’s been a few years now and their catalog keeps growing with not only “Good ‘ol Games” (GOG) but also with new modern games. There are many old titles (obviously), many indie titles and also very good “commercial” titles are making their way in there.

Be sure to take a look. Who knows, you might find that good ‘ol game you used to play on that Pentium 3! Besides, their prices are completely in sync with any gamer’s budget.




Now if you’ll excuse me, I gtg buy The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition @ 5.99 $.




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