How to leave good messages

Here are some VERY simple guidelines that will make you a hero for those who listen to your messages.

First, 3 rules, then a few steps to be followed in a PRECISE ORDER.


Rule number ONE

Speak clearly, even slower than usual.

Rule number TWO

Speak in a language that will be understood by the person you’re calling AND the person who may take the message.

Rule number THREE

Make sure it is LESS than 30 seconds; practice in your head BEFORE calling.


Follow exactly these steps, in this specific order:

1. WHO –  Say your FULL name

2. WHO – Say what company you’re from or on behalf of (skip if  not applicable)

3. CONTACT – Say how to contact you (e-mail, phone number, extension, etc.)

4. REPEAT – ALWAYS repeat TWICE  your contact details. Speak freakin’ slowly damn it. Repeat TWICE (See what I did there?)

5. SUBJECT – Say WHY you’re calling and/or why you need to be called back (or not)

That’s it! Follow these simple steps and you’ll be amazed that people actually call you back or follow up on your messages.



NOTE: I could have written a ten time longer article explaining each points, but that would kill the purpose of an easy to read how-to. If you WANT more details, lemme know. I have very good reason for EACH. Trust me. :D

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