Social Etiquette – Driving

Simple reminders and tips on how to behave efficiently, safely and beneficial behaviours for the whole society.



They’re not only for that guy tailing your bumper. It can literally prevent accidents and it help a lot more than you’d think. Pedestrian, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, security cameras, birds, everyone need to know where your garbage can car is heading. So flash in advance!

People need to know where you’re going. Time = reaction. Less time for reaction means accidents. Give everyone around you more time to react.

Forget your ego

Everyone beside you can’t drive. We all know. You just don’t need to remind them. See an incoming crazy in your rear mirror? Slow down and clear the corridor of death he’s created. Let him kill himself. Some dude deserves the finger? Just raise the volume of your music.

Hold da wheel

Hold the wheel with both hands. Gangsta-style-one-hand driving can cost your life. Drive like a pro.

Talk on the phone and send SMS

It’s also very important to talk on the free hand and simultaneously send SMS while driving. Especially on the highway. And get some music in the background, to make sure you can’t hear what’s going on around you.



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