How to find and identify Windows version offline

Here’s a very simply way to find the version of Windows when you can’t run said operating system. Typical scenario is a hard drive with Windows installed on it and you need to know which version is installed for troubleshooting purposes, repair, etc.

Here’s how!


1. Access the hard drive. You can plug it internally or via USB with the appropriate adapter, use a Live CD, etc.

2. Go to Drive_letter:\windows\system32

3. Find the ntdll.dll file and right-click it.

4. Go to Proprieties and then click on the Version tab

5. Click on the Product veriosn entry and voilĂ ! Simply read the value/description. If it’s not clear (most of the time), simply check the NTDLL Version number here :


Remember you can save this page in .mht format to future proof this information’s accessibility.





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