How to improve your learning and understanding skills

Here’s an advice on how to learn something and really become knowledgeable in the subject: teach it.


Whenever you’re learning something new, try as much as possible to teach someone else what you’ve learned. If you don’t have anyone to teach to, explain out-loud to yourself what you’ve just learned and try to imagine yourself in a class with students asking you questions. Best candidates are kids or your grandparents.

Like some dude once said:

“If you can’t explain a concept simply, it’s that you don’t understand it completely.” – Albert Einstein

This will make you more comfortable with the subject matter. Finally, practice, practice and keep practicing. If you don’t train/practice what you’ve learned, you’re just wasting your of time.



Note: I don’t put kids and grandparents at the same intellectual level. It’s at the teaching level. They also both require patience. Lots of it.


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