How to add new fonts in Windows 8 – Super easy!

Have you ever wanted to use the same fonts as your favorite writers/digital artists? Or maybe you just want to make your text look different and unique? Here’s how to add new fonts in Windows 8!


1. Download and extract (using 7zip) the new font you want (anywhere on your computer). The font files should end with the “.ttf” extension.

2. Select all the .ttf files (if you have more than one) then right-click on the selection.

3. Choose “Install” and voilĂ ! Windows added the fonts in its font library and they’re now available to all software you might use (Gimp, OpenOffice, etc.).

4. You could also do a cleanup (DELETE) the extracted files (if in a zip) or keep the font files somewhere safe (aka a backup) in case you need them again later.



-Come on, you expect me to list ’em all? Ixquick-it!

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