Windows 8 folders view – Nasty frakin’ oversight from Microsoft?

Here’s a “small” frustration I’ve encountered while abusing using Windows 8 Libraries: they all share the SAME folder view! Argh! Any folder that’s within a Library shares the same view with all Libraries. How cool…

EXAMPLE (’cause, like, I have a point)

For example, if you browse a Library in list view, then any other Library you’ll browse will also be displayed in list view, and so on. Change the view, and voilà! The view will be identical everywhere in the Libraries.

CHEER UP, it’s cool!

What’s cool is folder’s view settings are STILL remembered individually by each and every folders. Just not in the Libraries. What’s also cool, is that since the Libraries use the same view setting, it speeds navigation.

So this “oversight” isn’t really one: Libraries thus have a specific goal: to get you to your files and/or folders fast. If you want to browse and manage your files with fancy different views, then you must navigate to your files without using the libraries and you’ll then find your custom folder view settings intact.

It would have been nice to be able to switch from a Library location the the actual location and respect the user view settings… That’s the real oversight in my opinion.

Way to go Microsoft… way to go.



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