Edit images strait away with Gimp in Windows 8

Gimp LogoI’ve already explained how to change the default picture editor in Windows XP, which can allow you to edit files in GIMP or Photoshop right away from a single click of your mouse. So let’s bring this nice feature into Windows 8, shall we?

Windows 8 sucks

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple in Windows 8: you need to make a small change in the Registry. On the other hand, it takes half the time to make the change! So it’s kinda 50/50… Here’s how to modify the contextual edit option (right-click menu) to edit images with Gimp instead of MS Paint in Windows 8:

Regedit is still king

Run “regedit” and go there:


Then simply change MS Paint’s application path to your preferred image editor. In our case, let’s insert Gimp’s application:

“C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\bin\gimp-2.8.exe” “%1”

That’s it! No need to restart your PC, the change is immediate. You can now right-click and edit any pictures in Gimp right away, with no superfluous steps!





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