Firefox – Right-click search in the background

Firefox LogoHere’s another life-saving tweak for your favorite web browser Firefox!

Whatever your preferred search provider is, you can always right-click a selection and search it. This opens a new tab with the selection queried and by default, Firefox will switch focus to it, thus leaving the page you were on. That’s not efficient.

Here’s how to load that search in the background (no page abduction)!


Firefox is awesome and what’s even more awesome is that you can customize almost every aspect using the about:config page. It’s were you can edit all your browser’s settings. Unlike Microsoft’s RegEdit that can truly mess your Windows OS, the about:config is user-friendly and will even tell if a setting is by default or user set!

Now, search for this entry:

and simply double-click it to change it’s value from false to:


That’s it! You can now search stuff without leaving the page you’re on!




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