How to clear Windows clipboard

Ever wanted to clear you last copy-paste query? Tired of pasting the wrong stuff? Well here’s how to clear Windows clipboard, aka COPY (Ctrl+C)! It applies to pretty much all Windows versions:

Windows XP

Win+R, then type:


And press the “X” icon to clear the clipboard.

Windows Vista/7/8

Win+R, then type:

cmd /c echo off | clip

I recommend you keep your “run” history: it’s then easier and faster to run past commands again. (see my “Launch any program from the “Run…” prompt” article)


EDIT (24-04-2014)

I noticed using quotes rendered the command useless. I updated the command. Sorry for the inconvenience. It’s strange because it used to work before using quotes… (cmd /c “echo off | clip”)



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