How to fix Contextual Menus displayed on the wrong side (left side)

The following tip applies to Windows Vista, 7 and 8!

Right-click.. What’s that?

Took me a while to notice at first because:

1. I rarely right-click in Windows

2. most of my program’s windows are maximized and

3. the right-click menu side is specific to Windows, thus, working as usual in other programs (Firefox, Gimp, etc.).

But from time to time I noticed something strange : my contextual menu was on the LEFT side of my cursor.

Lefty Windows

This frustrated intrigued me and I started to experiment and notice not only was my right-click menu on the left side, but also program window’s menu too!

Menu on the left

Something’s wrong!

How to change menus side appearance

First thing I did was to go in the mouse settings and as usual, nothing helpful over there. Then I kept looking and went into a new* settings, the Tablet PC Settings. Guess what? Darn right: there actually is an option to show menus on the left or right side of your hand. Guess which one was selected by default…

Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Tablet PC Settings

Tablet PC Settings

Tablet PC Settings… The culprit.



*Never noticed that menu before, thus “new”… lol

Extra reference


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