How to prevent or Hotmail to redirect to MSN on sign out

Hello crazy world!

I finally decided I would share with you a secret tweak of mine. When I sign out of or Hotmail, I don’t get redirected to MSN. Yes, I don’t.

Firefox is your friend

Step 1. Use a real Internet Browser (aka Firefox).

Step 2. Use NoScript or AdBlock Plus. If you have neither of those installed, Ctrl+Shift+A and do so.

Step 3. Simply deny any scripts from the following domains:

Piece of cake. Block these two domains and you shouldn’t get redirected to MSN anymore. - No MSN

Sign in – sign out. Nothing else. You’re welcome.

EDIT – Workaround

For some reason, this method doesn’t work anymore. Being fedup and wanting a simpler solution, I’ve found one:

Log out from a non e-mail related service, like OneDrive, OneNote, Word/Excel Online, etc. Switch service and logout as usual.



-As much as the name implies it, I don’t use AdBlock Plus to block ads. I’ve never used the filter subscriptions either, not even once. I don’t encourage anyone to block ads without a very good reason. If you DO need to block an ad, it means the website you’re on has a problem. Ads are great. Usually.

6 Responses to “How to prevent or Hotmail to redirect to MSN on sign out”

  1. ads are never great and will never be, i have been using ad block to clean pages from any kind of ads and if someone forces me to use internet without ad block, i would go crazy , any one that clicks on ads must be a dumb ass looking to get easily hacked

  2. Just tried this with Firefox and AdBlock. When exiting Outlook and landing on the page, opened AdBlock and took the first option, different than described above but it works. In my case, blocking on exiting drops me out of the browser unless I have another tab open. Really appreciate not being forced into

  3. Courtney Brazley Says:

    Here’s the fix that worked for me! if you’re using Firefox, first install the plugin “greasemonkey”, then go to and install script “no msn on hotmail” and you’re done. Try it .. it works !!

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