Efficiency trick – Shift-Click scroll bars

Scroll BarHere’s another neat trick to speed up your navigation: shift clicking scroll bars!

Most program’s windows within a window system environment, whenever there’s a scroll bar, you can shift click (left-click) to move the scroll bar’s bar strait to the bottom or desired position.

So instead of scrolling endlessly and wasting your time, just shift-click scroll bars!

Free will

If you really do like to scroll, you could use a Logitech mouse that has a free wheel feature (Ex.: G500s, but beware, it produces a high-pitch sound). It’s awesome for sound editing when you need to zoom in a sound wave to see a detail.



2 Responses to “Efficiency trick – Shift-Click scroll bars”

  1. Shift click works great, but shift + scroll moves in brower’s history… as I’m used to scrolling down, I tend to scroll while clicking! But still, thx for tip! Didn’t knew about it.

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