How to – Delete an OEM partition in Windows

I was there, minding my own business, formatting old laptop hard drives when suddenly, a reluctant hard drive resisted me. It had an OEM partition that couldn’t be deleted using Windows Disk Management. So here’s how to delete such a partition in Windows!


So what to do when Window Disk Management utility. doesn’t work? You use a command line tool, of course! The one we need is called Diskpart.

Don’t worry, using Diskpart is VERY easy and simple. NO fancy commands to type. It ain’t rocket science, believe me. If you want to learn more about ALL the available commands, check out website or the direct link in the references section at the bottom of this post. If you absolutely need pictures, take a look at Jared Heinrichs’ article (also linked in the references).


1. After making sure wich hard drive you want to delete the OEM partition from, press [WIN KEY  + R] and type:


2. Type:


3. List all the available hard drives

list disk

4. Select the drive that has the OEM partition. (Replace the X by the desired number)

select disk X

5. Now simply list, select the partitions and delete it!

list partition

select partition X

delete partition override





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