GOG Galaxy – The DRM-Free online gaming platform

GOG.com LogoAs you may already know by now, on GOG.com all the games are offered DRM-Free: no accounts required to install the games, no activation keys, nothing else to install but the good ‘ol games (pun intended).

Guess what? It gets BETTER!

GOG.com recently announced during CD Projekt RED and GOG.com’s Summer Conference 2014 that they would soon launch a DRM-Free Online Gaming Platform that is OPTIONAL. Yes, optional. Finally, someone gets it right; you can actually choose to install it or not.

Then, it gets even better: CROSS-PLAY

A new feature of the GOG Galaxy platform is called CROSS-PLAY. This will allow you to play games with your friends on who are on OTHER platforms! Ex.:  a GOG.com multiplayer game would play with the same game running on Steam! How awesome is that?

Stay tuned for more awesome news soon!



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