WordPress.com is SPAM friendly

wordpress-akismetAkismet – part of the problem

Why the heck do I get on a regular basis some 300+ SPAM? Isn’t Akismet, WordPress’ anti-spam service, suppose to block those? I have Akismet configured to “Strict: silently discard the worst and most pervasive spam” and still literally receive SPAM comments by the hour (I just got 5 SPAM in the past 30 minutes while writing this post). The real problem thought isn’t just Akismet: since I’m also using the “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” option, theoretically, only legitimate WordPress users/accounts should be able to post comments on my blog. Yet…

WordPress is da problem

Since I DO receive spam from “registered users”, it means there’s literally millions of bogus WordPress accounts out there sending SPAM. That’s the real problem.

So until someone figures a way to automatically drop/delete fake accounts, all WordPress.com users are gonna be plagued with the continuous income of SPAM from “legitimate” WordPress users.

It’s making me wonder if my traffic statistics are even real…


Only WordPress.org users can implement real anti-spam solution, since the community edition give its user 100% freedom for plugins selection and settings configuration.

Do you receive SPAM on your WordPress.com blog? Share your thoughts!



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