Life Tips – Saying NO increases your income

Here’s how to increase your income without working harder or asking for a raise: learn to say “NO“. That’s it!

Test chamber

I did that last month. I said no to all/most expenses and, according to my last credit card statement, represented approximately 500$ worth of savings… That’s friggin 6000$ a year!! Cool huh? Not so much. Imagine how stupid I feel now…

Dumb simple? Yep. Easy? Heck no! It’s very hard! ‘Cause as soon as you decide to say “NO” to those extra expenses, they’ll be in your face BIG TIME. You’ll be a spending opportunity magnet.

Of course, it’s impossible to have zero expenses (unless your parents still supports you). There’s always the unavoidables like rent/mortgage, bus pass/car gaz, cell phone, Internet, electricity, etc.

You get the point.


I now challenge YOU to do it!

Simple! 30 days of saying “NO” to ALL extra expenses.

Managed to succeed (and survive)? Got re$ult$? Share YOUR success stories in the comments below!



P.S.: Of course, I don’t always have the same monthly spending all year long. Can be less, can be more. So keep an eye out for my future post on running the numbers, which will explain the super crazy complex underlying mathematical algorithms required to calculate that. :D


3 Responses to “Life Tips – Saying NO increases your income”

  1. Cool, I think this makes me rethink all of my expenses.Yeah it is funny how we both made posts about saying no and yours influenced money and mine influence good time management. Btw I loved this post :)

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