Microsoft reduces OneDrive storage space


Last Friday Microsoft sent an e-mail announcing it was reducing OneDrive’s space from 15Gb to 5Gb. If you create a new Microsoft account now, you’ll get 5Gb of web storage and if you used to have 15Gb, make space or you might end up losing files.

Of course, you could always switch to a paid plan and get some 50Gb of storage for as little as 2$ CAD per month. This shouldn’t surprise anyone as it was announced some time ago, but if you didn’t know, now you do! :D

Have an ice day!

EDIT 2016-m05-06:

-Today, I got an e-mail from Microsoft with a specific date for OneDrive’s  storage capacity changes: 10-08-2016. Unfortunately, I have no friggin’ idea if it’s October 8th, or September 10th. No one seems to bother with this world plaguing date format issue… But I already solved this problem and I use my solution every single day. Did you spot it? :D




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