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Downloads – LAME (mp3) and FFMEG (mp4) libraries

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Here’s a quick post for all the necessary codecs/library you might need to work with MP3 and MP4 videos in Windows/MAC. Software like, Audacity, etc. need to have these libraries installed separately because of copyrights. I realized it wasn’t easy to find so I thought I’d simplified people’s life and make all the files available here.

The websites is old, I know, but the resources are working, and it’s all we should care about. Heck, I couldn’t find elsewhere a working LAME 64bit library…

LAME (mp3 encoding)

FFMEG (mp4 videos)


Just in case the link/website should die or if you just want to download everything at once, here are the mirrored files via my MediaFire account:

LAME Encoder

If your software requires the LAME MP3 encoder (usually lame.exe), here it is: Software like Foobar2000 will require this encoder to rip/convert audio files to MP3.

7-Zip LogoBest file archiver ever. Free. Grab it now!

If you have any questions, simply ask! Enjoy!



Skype – How to prevent sound from being lowered during a call

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You may have noticed that when you make a call or answer one in Skype, your global Windows sound may lowered in order let you to hear the call better. Often, this behavior may not be desirable. So here’s how to modify the default settings!

Windows, not Skype

First of all, you must understand that it’s NOT Skype that’s turning down da volume, it’s actually Windows: it detects conferencing/phone call applications (aka Skype) and reduces the overall volume when one is used. This can sometimes messed up online videos volume, live/streaming video feeds volume, etc. which may require a browser restart to get the volume back to normal. That’s just one of the numerous reasons you may not want this behavior.

Windows Sound Settings

Here’s where you can change the settings to fit your specific usage:

Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound > Communications tab

Windows Skype Sound



How to enable Stereo Mix in Windows 8

Posted in Audio, Tweaking, Windows with tags , on February 15, 2014 by Sirusdark

Guess what? I finally managed to enable the Stereo Mix recording device in Windows 8! I know, right?

A few things made this possible: an older motherboard and an available audio drivers with this Stereo Mix functionality.

Note that a “missing” stereo mix is not a Windows issue. It’s more of a legal issue between the music/movie industry and the manufacturers… they don’t want hardware that can record their stuff. (correct me if I’m wrong) So here’s how to enable the Stereo Mix in Windows 8:

Stereo Mix in Windows 8

1. Download your specific audio drivers. This is important. In my case, I needed the SoundMAX ADI Audio Driver. I downloaded it from my motherboard’s manufacturer, Asus.

2. Then, choose a driver’s version that is known to have/had the stereo mix functionality. (Usually prior to Windows 7, like Vista or XP if Vista is not available)

3. Choose the VISTA version (or XP if Vista’s unavailable) 32 bit or 64, depending on your OS.

4. Run the installer. Windows 8 will complain and spit an error message, then will offer you the option to run it in COMPATIBILITY MODE. Do that and bingo! You have the Stereo Mix:

Stereo Mix in Windows 8 Pro

Skipping steps

Note that you could run the installer in Compatibility Mode right away if you wanted. But it’s more fun to see Windows giving the solution automatically.


Great! If you managed to enable the Stereo Mix, there’s one more thing you need to know : the quality of the recording will not be based on your DAW’s recording settings, but the chip/hardware’s limitations. If your sound card can record 24bit/96kHz, great! But you it won’t be able to go higher. Most device record at 16/44.1kHz and/or 24/48kHz.