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Free Online WYSIWYG HTML editors

Posted in Browser, Coding, Free Stuff, Open source, Resources with tags , , , on November 3, 2014 by Sirusdark

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Hello fellow following readers!

I apologies for the delay (3 weeks). I had some finish posts, but after reviewing them, I decided to flush ’em instead of sticking to the schedule to post crap.

Now, let’s get back to useful stuff!

You may have noticed that many online forms, chats, forums or comment forms often offers text editing tools right from your browser to help embellish/edit your text. If you ever wondered where to find the resources to implement these tools in your own pages/websites, search no more! :D

Here is a listing of online text-editors tools I’ve been compiling for some time now, along with live working example. They are listed by tool’s “engine”:

CKEditor Engine (

(DEAD LINK – Left it for reference purposes)

TinyMCE Engine (

Other engines/not 100% sure

AmyEditor (

When I first began collecting the resources you see here, AmyEditor was live. Unfortunately, today the website is down and I haven’t been able to track down the source code (yet)… If you ever happen to find it, please send me a copy or link!

I hope you’ve found these resources useful for your next project! Follow/send me comments if you ever feel like it!

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l0I! Fonts and programming

Posted in Coding, Methods with tags , on July 12, 2014 by Sirusdark

fonts_headerLO0iIl – now, can you tell which character is a zero? Letter “o”? “i”? Lowercase “l”? Probably not. The only way to differentiate them is by the FONT‘s type. A good font lets you differentiate these characters. WordPress’ default font does an average job at it, since we can tell the difference between all characters, except for the zero “0” and the letter “o”. That’s a problem.

I’ve realized for quite some time that most fonts ARE crap when it comes to programming/coding. When characters that should and MUST be different look the same, you have problems. Especially when coding sensitive stuff; a single wrong character can sometime very often be fatal in software programming.

Hack ‘n’ Slash

Slashed-zero should be mandatory, but some weirdos still think it’s more “beautiful” without the slash. Communication is always the number one issue in any organization. Non-slashed zeroes is the path to the dark side. Non-slashed zero leads to confusion, confusion leads to costly mistakes, costly mistakes leads to suffering.

It’s like those people who, wanting to do well, write down their passwords for the sysadmin in uppercase to make sure each characters are readable… and wonder why the next morning the password they asked for isn’t working… (recurring true story)


Here’s for example the font I’m now using and strongly recommend:


Try it in your favorite editor like Notepad++ and see by yourself the difference! It’s usually included by default, so no need to download any external font libraries.


Note that you can change Windows CMD console’s font with a quick Regedit. (See references)


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Ubisoft’s web programmers love humor! function iesux()

Posted in Coding, Games, Internet with tags , , , , on April 24, 2014 by Sirusdark

Ubisoft LogoI was looking at some website’s script files as usual and I stumbled on something that made me smile. I was looking at Ubisoft’s Watch Dog website and saw this in one of their JavaScript script’s code:

function iesux()

//IE Sucks

In this extract, this first line is a function’s name and the second is a comment written by a programmer.


IE is a very well known abbreviation for Microsoft’s famous Internet browser, Internet Explorer. As for the rest, you can guess yourself. :D


Please note that Internet Explorer isn’t bad, nor does it “sux”: this code is used to display a prompt for people using an obsolete version of IE, which is dangerous and doesn’t offer all the latest features of modern web browsers. For the regular Joe and Joanna users out there, IE is fine, but it doesn’t pack all the feature that power users & developers need.