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Christmas Fun with Google!

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I saw the latest Google mini-games (also called doodles) and thought I’d share them because they actually make you learn stuff! Music, countries, coding… Try the Santa Map Quiz… You’ll be surprise how hard it is! (or not!)

If you’re too scared getting caught playing cute-childish games, do it with kids! No one will know! :D

Google Santa Tracker Village


This one celebrates Ludwig Van Beethovens 245th birthday and let’s you learn about his musical creation while enjoying a little story!



Are you YouTube HD Verified?

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[ This post only contains useful resources. ]


While waiting for video stuff to render in Blender, I thought I’d share some cool resources!

Here you go!

YouTube HD Verified Network

Wanna know if you’re on a YouTube HD Verified Network? Yes?

Check it now! >

Blender Reference Manual


Latest Blender docs >

HTTPS Everywhere!


Finally, a free little Firefox extension you should use to increase your security on da web >



P.S.: Star Wars world premiere is tomorrow. But you knew that… right?

Attacks in France – Solidarity by Amazon (and me)

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I was watching the news tonight on the situation in France and nothing less than HOURS later, had updated their website with these images (did a quick montage):

amazon_montage_solidarity“Solidarity” by

To my knowledge, this has to be among the fastest corporate social response I’ve ever witnessed. Amazon, I raise you my virtual hat.

To all French citizens and friends, you have my dearest sympathies.


P.S.: Found other companies who made a similar gesture? Share it!