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Firefox Quantum or version 57.0 – How to downgrade

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Today, my Firefox managed to update itself to version 57.0.0, aka Firefox Quantum. The latest crap from Mozilla.

If you’re like me and hate it, here’s the link to downgrade to the previous version (56.0.2 64bit): Setup 56.0.2.exe

No need to do anything special, just run the installer and you’re done. Firefox will revert to 56.0.2.

I am currently testing this new Firefox to get it to work the way it should and I’ll share my findings as soon as I can. Stay tuned!


Life Principle – The Compound Effect

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I was recently asked to write a small essay for an English test and since I chose an educational topic, I thought I’d share it with you!

The Compound Effect

I’d like to share something I’ve learned on achieving goals. It’s called the Compound Effect. We’ve all had at some point in our life moments where we really wanted to change something: lose weight, a better salary, a new job, have more free time, etc. Most of us would like these changes now, without the effort. Well, here’s the beauty of the Compound Effect: it’s effortless and requires little discipline to NOT do more than planned!

Cutting down a tree

Let me start with a quick scenario. Let’s say you want to chop down a tree in your backyard. You could cancel your BBQ party, spend the whole weekend chopping it down, hurting your back and be on sick leave for a week. Or, you could grab your ax, swing at the tree a few times, go back inside and resume your activities. Every morning. Do this, and by the end of the month, I guarantee you that tree will be down.

Steps – Rinse & Repeat

Just like testers explain in five steps how to reproduce a bug, here are the 3 steps to succeed in any endeavor:

1. Have a clear goal of what or where you want to be.
2. Find the smallest actions needed to reach that goal.
3. Do it once every day.

Tracking your progress will become easier, seeing said progress will reinforce self-esteem and soon, you’ll be reaching your goals faster than you could’ve imagined!

It’s the accumulation of seemingly insignificant actions that dictates where we are and where we’ll be tomorrow.

That’s the Compound Effect.



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How to filter Internet content easily under 30 seconds

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[ This post will self-destruct… ]

Hello dear readers & visitors!

A friend of mine recently asked me if there was a way to easily filter web content so his kids and family wouldn’t stumble on adult content or other unwanted content.

Among the most simple solutions, one really stood out. It’s FREE, takes 30 seconds to implement, can be customized and in some case, can even increase your browsing speed!


OpenDNS offer such a service and it’s free! In case you don’t know what OpenDNS is, it’s one of the biggest DNS service provider out there. Also, it’s now part of Cisco. So it’s not some obscure service I’m writing about.

How can you use it? Simply edit your DNS settings in your device or router! There are 2 ways to do it: with or without an account.

Keep-it-simple method

No account, configure and forget. Add these 2 FamilyShield nameservers (DNS resolvers) in your network settings and you’re good to go! It uses a set of presets and does the job well.

Power users & granular control

Want more POWAH? Create a free OpenDNS account, add your network, customize your categories, create whitelists, etc. and even help tag websites to improve the service!

If you don’t wanna do it for your whole network (via the router), make sure you install the little IP Updater app to update your IP address to your OpenDNS account. It’s available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Here you can find the screenshots showing you how to edit your DNS settings in every Windows versions. It’s very straightforward. If you have any questions, ask!

Now remember, no amount of security and control mechanisms will replace good teaching and being a role model to others.

Be the example to follow.




Impossibility – Great and fun cyber-security presentation!

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[ This post has a free bonus! ]


I love learning! I really do. What I hate about learning though are bad teachers/communicators. Today I’d like to share with you a nice example of what good knowledge transmission looks like!

I invite you to watch this valuable entertaining and eye opening presentation on cyber-security:

James Lyne, Sophos: Anatomy of an Attack

Presentation by James Lyne of Sophos at the 2011 e-Crime Wales Summit.

Do NOT let the date fool you: everything that’s talked about in this presentation is valid, STILL (unfortunately) current and happening everyday.

Do yourself and your friends a favor, watch it, share it and have a laugh too!

– Your video editing companion. Resize, compress convert and much more!



Windows 10 – Access your beloved Recycle Bin

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[ “Windows 10 Part 2 – Upgrading to Windows 10!” is still under writing ]

Hello readers!

Here’s a quick tip for those of you who’re already using Windows 10!

You may have noticed by now that the Recycle Bin is nowhere to be found… Had you looked it up online, you most likely would’ve found the following tedious solution:

Right-click on your Desktop  > Personalise > Themes > Desktop icon settings > Check the “Recycle Bin” box.

This works, but it adds clutter on the desktop and doesn’t make the Recycle Bin visible on the Desktop in File Explorer.


Here’s the simplest way to access the Recycle Bin while keeping it out of sight:

Open File Explorer (Win + E) > Click the little arrow on the left of the address bar > Recycle Bin.


That’s it! And here’s how efficient users do it with their eyes closed:

Windows 10

Win+E > Tab x 2 > Up-Arrow x 2 > Enter

Windows 8/8.1

Win+E > Tab x 2 > Down-Arrow x 5 > Enter



Yes, I really don’t have any icons on my desktop.

Life Tips – Saying NO increases your income

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Here’s how to increase your income without working harder or asking for a raise: learn to say “NO“. That’s it!

Test chamber

I did that last month. I said no to all/most expenses and, according to my last credit card statement, represented approximately 500$ worth of savings… That’s friggin 6000$ a year!! Cool huh? Not so much. Imagine how stupid I feel now…

Dumb simple? Yep. Easy? Heck no! It’s very hard! ‘Cause as soon as you decide to say “NO” to those extra expenses, they’ll be in your face BIG TIME. You’ll be a spending opportunity magnet.

Of course, it’s impossible to have zero expenses (unless your parents still supports you). There’s always the unavoidables like rent/mortgage, bus pass/car gaz, cell phone, Internet, electricity, etc.

You get the point.


I now challenge YOU to do it!

Simple! 30 days of saying “NO” to ALL extra expenses.

Managed to succeed (and survive)? Got re$ult$? Share YOUR success stories in the comments below!



P.S.: Of course, I don’t always have the same monthly spending all year long. Can be less, can be more. So keep an eye out for my future post on running the numbers, which will explain the super crazy complex underlying mathematical algorithms required to calculate that. :D


Life Tips – Balancing your wallet

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Hello! Today I’d like to share with you one of my most useful life technique: wallet balancing.

You may also combine this tip with this great financial tip:

Never bring more cash than you can or wanna spend!

Show me the money

In today’s era of electronic transactions, cash may seem obsolete, but it’s not. This technique literally saved my arse the day countless times!

Here are some true stories on how this simple method saved the day:

  • Went for an onsite residential job: customer was suppose to pay with cheque, but instead, decided to pay cash. That wasn’t planned… Still, I was able to give the exact change on the spot.
  • Went to see a relative and by some unplanned circumstance, had to take the bus back home. Fortunately, I had the exact amount to pay the trip’s fare!
  • Went for a bite with a friend: AFTER eating, waitress gives us the addition and tells us the debit/credit card machine is out of order; cash only! You guessed it: I was able to pay. I was even able fill in the missing cash/change for my friend who didn’t have a balanced wallet. (Now does!)

How is when

The most important aspect of this wallet balancing technique, is to do it “daily“. What it really means is the second you use your cash, your wallet becomes unbalanced (I know… Rocket science). The “hard” part is balancing it the same day or the next morning before grabbing it for a new day.

My Settings

Safe (can give change for any bills up to 50$)
2×20$+2×10$+2×5$ (Total of 70$)

On budget
20$+10$+5$ (Total of 35$)


Change (never, EVER changes)
2×2$, 2×1$, 6x 0.25$, 3x .10$, 2×0.05$ (Total of 7.90$ or 13.90$)


Instead of keeping a total count of my spare change, I simply configure them in a specific layout: all that’s left to do is empty my wallet’s change pocket and match my original layout.

The above picture shows my basic pattern (left) and the extra pattern add-on (right), if needed.

Voilà! I hope you find this tip useful. Now, by all means, do adapt this technique YOUR specific needs!