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How to – Bypass YouTube restriction without logging in Google

Posted in How to, Internet, Privacy, Tweaking with tags , , , , , , , on May 20, 2014 by Sirusdark

I noticed websites had embedded YouTube videos and not a single age restriction/login prompt. After making such an observation, I tried embedding videos in a simple custom HTML page and it worked!


Ever wanted to watch a movie trailer on YouTube only to be asked to login to view it? Then you decide the movie isn’t to your liking, but Google thinks you like this type of movie and start showing weird videos/ads suggestions? I got fed-up with that.

Simpler, faster

Guess what? There’s an easier and simpler way to do it than manually coding an HTML page every time: JSFiddle!

1. Copy the YouTube embeded code from the video’s sharing option

2. Go on JSFiddle and paste-it in the HTML section

3. Run the code.

Voilà! Problem solved. Google won’t ask you to login and won’t associate the viewed video to your account, since you’re not logged in. Right?



ASK – The only thing to do to protect yourself online

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Most people just fill out any form they see online. They install software, download stuff without even knowing what they’re doing. They then wonder why they have viruses, receive spam, get their identity stolen or why their computer isn’t running as fast as before…


The Internet is NOT a safe playground. Even legitimate website can be compromised. Recently, a small error in a security protocol (known as Heart Bleed) was enough to allow unscrupulous individuals to steal private information. People should always be weary of what they do and what information they provide while connected to the Internet. Also, once something is made PUBLIC, it’s to late to “remove” it.


Just realize: a single code breach (which you have no control over) is enough to compromise your privacy and security… Now imagine all your home’s doors and windows opened instead of a crack… that’s what using the Internet is when you don’t know what you’re doing.

Don’t feel stupid ASKING others when you’re not sure about something. Whenever doubting, ASK.

Knowledge is everything.



Blizzard - The Lost Vikings

Click to enlarge – Note that StarCraft Anthology is not free.

Blizzard, world renown game creators of Diablo, Star Craft, Warcraft and World of Warcraft, FINALLY made available their old game Three Lost Vikings for FREE! Simply log into your account and grab it in the Classic Games section of your account!



How to clear Windows 8’s Jump Lists (aka Folder History)

Posted in Privacy, Tweaking, Windows with tags , , , on March 11, 2014 by Sirusdark

Here’s how to clear Windows 8‘s recent Jump Lists (aka Frequent File, Recent or Folder History) from your Taskbar shortcuts/icons. Note that you can also clear your recently opened programs, but that’s not desirable, as you’d also lose your Run history… Something very useful to keep if you work efficiently.

Jump the Jump Lists

First, right-click anywhere on an empty space of your Taskbar >go in Properties > then click the Jump Lists tab and ONLY uncheck:

[ ] Store and display recently opened items in Jump Lists

Click Apply, then re-check the box and click Apply. That’s it! Your Jump Lists history should now be empty.