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Ghost in the Shell – Premiere movie review!

Posted in Review with tags , on March 31, 2017 by Sirusdark

Hi! It’s been a while since my last written article! (my focus being on my YouTube channel)

It all started last Wednesday when something very cool happened and honestly, still can’t believe how surreal it is: I attended the world premiere of Ghost in the Shell! I was already super excited about this movie and getting to see it before its official release was just incredible.

What’s even cooler is that I got to watch it sitting next to one of the co-founders of the Fantasia Film Festival! It couldn’t get any better.

Right off the bat, I give Ghost in the Shell a solid 9 out of 10. You must understand that at its core, this movie is mostly a live-action adaption of the original 1995 Ghost in the Shell. And boy, did they NAILED IT.

If you’re expecting an action pack car blowing movie, I’m telling you right-away, you will be a bit disappointed

It’s a cool science-fiction movie that takes you on a journey and wants to immersive you in the Ghost in the Shell universe. I also strongly suggest you watch this movie BEFORE seeing the animation if you haven’t, as it’ll make it a lot easier to understand.

Now you might rightfully wonder what’s my background on this, well here it is: I’ve never, ever read any of the mangas as I didn’t like the art at all. Just not my style.

On the other hand, I own and watched everything animation ever made on Ghost in the shell:

-From the first Ghost in the shell movie to the latest Arise series.

With such a solid background on the animations, I really mean it when I say, I give it a 9 out of 10. They did a fantastic job perpetuating the amazing sci-fi vibe and feel of Ghost in the Shell. That was by biggest fear and I can tell you with great confidence, they stayed true to the Ghost in the Shell identity.

The music was just awesome, they didn’t go for some boring generic scores and they even retained the iconic Japanese chorus of the original movie and really brought life to the scenes. I can’t wait to get my hands on that sound track

This movie also gives many tributes to its Japanese origins, one example : there’s a character that actually only speaks Japanese throughout the whole movie. Makes you hear and feel like you’re in Japan. I would love to see more movies doing this.

Speaking of Japanese, they even included Maru Taro, one, if not the most famous Japanese dog out there! I challenge you to find him, if you do, lemme know! I haven’t seen a single review yet mentioned this, so yeah, I’m proud myself.

So great movie, great action, the sound design is impeccable; everything sounds awesome and powerful.