Fix – Windows 10 update KB3189866 stuck at 45%

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If you’re running Windows 10, it’s yet another sad week. Microsoft messed up again and their latest 400Mb+ update (KB3189866) doesn’t even download properly. Most people (including myself) are stuck with an update progress stuck at 45%…

Fear not! Stop waiting and simply install the update manually in just a few clicks. Here are the direct links to download it (select the appropriate system architecture):

32 bit:
Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x86-based Systems (KB3189866)

64 bit:
Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3189866)

Run the installer and after a few restarts, you’ll be good to go again.

For some reason, this identical update when downloaded via the Windows Update Catalog web downloader, uses another filename (adds the prefix: “AMD64-all-“)… It’s strange as the files are IDENTICAL! I double checked for you and and these Checksums proves it:


Fun fact! The update’s filename contains its own SHA-1 checksum hash! (2c3e91a8162269579c8bf26a502c620d41efef0d)





My new beast of a PC in stop motion!

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Finally repaired my dead PC and got help from an unexpected visitor!

Check out the video!



Next post: How to easily create a VLAN in a smart network switch!

Got a reply from heaven

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Hello fellow surfers!

Yesterday, well, a couple of hours ago, I got a reply from heaven!

I was browsing stuff as usual when a unique musical duo grabbed my attention on U-Tube. Wasn’t your typical instrument either.

Never thought I’d ever enjoy listening to HARPS. And, as if it wasn’t peculiar enough, they’re played by two beautiful twins!

Since I was very pleased with the recording, the sound guy in me couldn’t resist asking for a “studio” version. I wasn’t expecting much when I got quite the reply, including technical details. So here it is for your enjoyment!


– Camille and Kennerly

+Sirusdark ~ Aww. Thank you so much for the sweet comment, compliment, and encouragement!  Sorry, but we do not play or record in a studio. We are much more low tech and we have no extra people or equipment to film ourselves. All of our videos are live sound. If you are interested in our “how we do it” we will post it again below. If not, thank you for checking this out!
Our videos are self-made samples of music we have arranged ourselves for performances – Only our 2 harp parts – but No backtrack, loops, harp overlays, studio recording, crew, etc. We are really playing when we film, so we can hear ourselves at all times. That is how we are able to play together. :) :)

However, like anyone making a “music video”, we do not use the sound we recorded through our little camera on a tripod – even when playing our electric lever harps or little acoustic harps. There is always too much ambient and environmental noise outdoors (wind, birds, traffic, people, dogs, trains, planes, etc.) plus filming from different directions and distances. When we get home we record ourselves LIVE in our living room. We play together (at the same time) just as you see us doing in the video and add it to the edited video footage.

We also play electric lever harps (Fear of the Dark, The Trooper, Nothing Else Matters, Star Wars) and very small acoustic lever harps (Crazy Train, Zelda Lost Woods, Ice Queen). Unlike other instrumentalists we have not overlayed ourselves by playing adding “extra” harp parts to fill out the sound. What we play is what we can perform ourselves – live. Please listen with headphones for much richer detail.

You might enjoy a little of the feeling from our live performances here: Photos:  and and

Thank you for visiting. Blessings, x2

047_HarpTwins_8-900w_001Camille and Kennerly Kitt

Let me tell you that after a very long day of troubleshooting and attempting to fix people’s problems, it really made my day! :D



-Comment’s source:
-Official website:

Windows 10 Update KB 3176938 – It’s da bomb!!

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Last night I let my laptop’s Windows 10 do its updates and went to bed as it looked like a long one. When I woke up, all I had on screen was a No hard drive found/no boot device black screen error… Typical.

After a hard shutdown (holding power button for 10 seconds), I rebooted, then Windows finished doing its stuff and I shut it down normally. Then, I turned it back on. Oh boy…

Windows 10 now opens and shuts down at least twice as fast!

Unfortunately, Microsoft made it a bit complicated to find this update’s details: you need to go to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update History page (link is on the KB’s page) and click  the “August 31, 2016 — KB3176938 (OS Build 14393.105)” description link.

This update includes quality improvements. No new operating system features are being introduced in this update.

I highly recommend you update to the latest version as this one is pure steroid for Windows! :D




Walking-dead computer

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Hello dear readers and new visitors!

It’s official, my main computer is dead! Yesss! Technological advancements dictates I must replace at least 3 components: motherboard, processor (CPU) and memory (RAM) to replace that old motherboard. Everything else works though, so I’m kinda stuck with a half-dead PC.

I could’ve upgraded years ago, but never was a priority nor needed… until now!

I’m planning on getting an Intel Core i7 CPU with liquid cooler, motherboard that supports up to 64Gb of RAM and while at it, an SSD and a Blu-ray reader/burner to archive all those large static files from my regular backups.

For hardware junkies out there, I’ll try to make a video and/or a post of my new build. :D

In the meantime, keep your comments and questions flowing!



P.S.: Those of you wondering how I posted this, I either use my laptop or my emergency Linux PC.

Life Principle – The Compound Effect

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I was recently asked to write a small essay for an English test and since I chose an educational topic, I thought I’d share it with you!

The Compound Effect

I’d like to share something I’ve learned on achieving goals. It’s called the Compound Effect. We’ve all had at some point in our life moments where we really wanted to change something: lose weight, a better salary, a new job, have more free time, etc. Most of us would like these changes now, without the effort. Well, here’s the beauty of the Compound Effect: it’s effortless and requires little discipline to NOT do more than planned!

Cutting down a tree

Let me start with a quick scenario. Let’s say you want to chop down a tree in your backyard. You could cancel your BBQ party, spend the whole weekend chopping it down, hurting your back and be on sick leave for a week. Or, you could grab your ax, swing at the tree a few times, go back inside and resume your activities. Every morning. Do this, and by the end of the month, I guarantee you that tree will be down.

Steps – Rinse & Repeat

Just like testers explain in five steps how to reproduce a bug, here are the 3 steps to succeed in any endeavor:

1. Have a clear goal of what or where you want to be.
2. Find the smallest actions needed to reach that goal.
3. Do it once every day.

Tracking your progress will become easier, seeing said progress will reinforce self-esteem and soon, you’ll be reaching your goals faster than you could’ve imagined!

It’s the accumulation of seemingly insignificant actions that dictates where we are and where we’ll be tomorrow.

That’s the Compound Effect.



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How to save your Windows Run History!

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Hello dear visitors!

Today I thought I’d torture upgrade my laptop with the latest Windows 10 version. You know, that Windows 10 Anniversary Update everyone’s complaining talking about? Click the link if you want to install it today! It’s great! :D

Before upgrading though, I really had to find a way to save my Windows Run history… As most of you may already know, I extensively use Win+R to open like, everything in Windows and upgrading clears the history. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I urge you to read my quick post on how to launch anything from the Run prompt!

RegEdit me!

In just a few clicks, I was able to backup my Run history and after upgrading, restore it back! Here’s how:

  1. If you’ve never played in your Windows registry, always make a backup first.

  2. Go to the key : HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\RunMRU

  3. Right-click RunMRU and select export.

That’s it! After you’ve done whatever is it you’ve done, double-click that .reg file you just created and it’ll restore your run history!




P.S.: If you have any specific topics you’d like to see in my upcoming YouTube channel(s), let me know!