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Browsers – Duplicate bookmarks, keep notes and save time!

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Here’s a quick tip on bookmarking (aka favorites)!

Adding #

Simply add # to the page’s URL (address) you want to bookmark and type after that character whatever info you want. Make sure there’s no spaces between words. That’s it!


This :
Becomes this :

This works for any web browsers and the real beauty is if you copy that URL or export your bookmarks to another browser or a text file, you won’t lose those notes as they’re “part” of the address.

Duplicates case Duplicates

It’s also useful when you want to save a bookmark you’ve already bookmarked, but want to add a different note/comment along. Some browser allow duplicates, some don’t. This trick allows you to bypass such restrictions.



Favorites – Another reason Firefox owns IE

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Here’s another reason why Firefox is better than Internet Explorer (IE).

Favorite Characters

Because each IE favorite are saved as files in your Windows user Favorite folder, you can’t use any of these character in your favorite’s name, as they can’t be use in file names:

\ / : * ? ” < > |

Windows Illegal Characters

Firefox bookmarks (aka favorites) uses a Database instead of individual files, and that’s where its strength relies; you can name your favorite favorites any way you want! Tags, rating, search filters and bookmark management (Ctrl+Shift+B) are also just some of the feature you won’t find in IE.



How to manually transfer bookmarks in Firefox from IE

Posted in Browser, Windows with tags , , , , on October 17, 2013 by Sirusdark

Here’s a nifty trick when Firefox‘s import system doesn’t import all Internet Explorer‘s favorites.

You could copy & paste each favorites one by one, but the only efficient and fast way to do it is actually drag’n’drop! (I tried many things before getting this conclusion)


Open Firefox’s bookmark manager (Library, with Ctrl+Shift+B), then open IE favorites folder (Usually in the User folder), put the windows side-by-side and drag away!