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When credits are due

Posted in Knowledge, Linux with tags , , , , , on May 22, 2015 by Sirusdark

True story

Last Tuesday, my computer died. It turns on, but nothing works and it doesn’t even POST anymore (aka BIOS). After some preliminary troubleshooting, it looks like either the motherboard or the memory gave up.

In the meantime, to get back online, I installed the latest version of Linux Mint (upgraded to version 17.1 – I had version 12…) on my good ‘ol emergency PC and then spent the rest of my evening doing so.

The next morning, I finished installing some updates and left for work. Just as I walked the door, I remembered I had a laptop

*Face palm*

Login beauty

After having a good laugh (and laughed at) I started using Linux Mint 17.1 (MATE). I even installed Skype and Steam which are also available for Linux. So far so good! (this article being written with it).

I really like it. Especially my new login screen:



But what I don’t like and really despise, is the friggin’ lack of credits people give not.

I know who made the theme, but the NOT the artwork! And if you do a quick reverse image search, you’ll find this image a hundred times all across the whole World Wide Web, reposted, re-blogged, re-pinned, featured on many wallpaper websites, used and re-use as a desktop by so many people and yet, no one bothers mentioning who made it… Makes me wanna flaablalaffguhbuufff ’em.

After my initial outrage, I went on da crazy Internet and after many, many countless minutes, I finally found the source: Looking Towards Home by Inga Nielsen, a German artist. She even made it available as a wallpaper pack!

The lesson? Next time you find an epic wallpaper or even a nice piece of software, take a few minutes to find the REAL source and give due credits whenever  you can. It often pays off!


To find the image used in Linux Mint 17.1 Synergy theme by Sam Riggs, simply navigate to the HTML themes folder. Here’s the path:




Commit suicide by dehydration – In one click*

Posted in Concept with tags , , on March 11, 2011 by Sirusdark

Here’s an interesting conceptual idea I came up with (try keeping that in mind when the urge to comment arises): committing suicide by dehydration… in on click*.
So easy anyone or even YOU can do it!

Here’s how it’s actually possible. But first, some facts, because it’s not totally mad (well, yeah it is, but no):

The average human weight is around 70Kg. (based on Wikipedia for an unbiased weight)
The total amount of water (in Liters or L) in the human body is approximately 57% of the whole body weight.

So we may conclude that we have approximately 40L or 40 000ml of water in our lumpy bodies. (open Calc if you wanna know how much water you’re made of (your weight x 57% or 0.57). Oh, we can do this mathematical operation because 1g of water = 1ml.

The human produces saliva. Yes, it does, in your mouth.
When spitting, a single spit contains approximately 1-4 ml of liquid and 98% of it is water, so it’s basically water. Let’s  pick an average of say, 3ml.

Cool! We learned stuff.  Now what?

Now the suicide part.

The body can be considered quit dehydrated as “soon” as a water loss of 5% to 6%  That’s 2000ml and 2400ml respectively. One may become sleepy, experience headaches or nausea and may feel Paresthesi (a sensation of tingling, pricking, or numbness in a person’s skin or limb).

From 10% to 15% (of water loss), it’s considered sever dehydration. Muscles may become spastic, vision may dim, delirium may begin, etc. Nice.

Finally, water loss greater than 15% is fatal (means you die). That’s 6000ml.

If you’re thinking: “OK… now he’s lost it.” or “Now I’m lost.” or something along those lines… keep reading!

Here’s how to acheive the aforementioned dehydration in a just one click* :

A typical blockbuster-big-budget movie can be made over a period of one or several years, and thousands of person are employed or participate in the production of such movie. That’s like, a lot of people.

The whole cast and crew of Avatar is (approx.) 2200 person – I know ’cause I copy pasted the whole cast & crew from IMBD (Internet Movie Database) and counted them (approx.)… And that headcount doesn’t include all the people working for the companies/subsidiaries that were involved!

That being said, what would you think of someone that decides to steal those thousands of people’s work? Wouldn’t it be just like spitting in their faces? meaning “I don’t give a sh** about your work. I’m a crook.” No?  I think it is. IF you don’t, well I think maybe your perception is wrong and maybe you’ve lost something along the way in your life… something called values and honesty. Something 99.99% of most Internet users lost or ignored at one time or another. Yay. O_o

Anyway, now you gotta be thinking ” Humm… I ain’t dehydrated yet!” or simply ” Daabouh? Flepbleble”.

Well, all you’ve got to do is click!! That mass-face-spittin’ won’t happen all by itself damn it! And base on the previously clearly explained facts, spitting in the faces of some 2200 person will get you past the fatal 15% water loss.

Happy suicide.


But where? Where can I click? WHERE? You tell me. Or ask Google, he’s good at it. Hey, Hey, HEY! Wow! Stop. That’s only what I “heard”… like I knew…

*Introspection in progress…* Maybe?

So, that’s it! Hope you liked it!




- –> In case you can’t click…

*May vary. Some may dehydrate instantly ,while some may need a few more clicks…