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Canada’s Biggest Lan Party – The Aftermath

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[ Woops! Forgot this post in my drafts! O_o ]


A few weekends ago was one of the biggest Lan Party in North America… Yes! I’m talking about LAN ETS 2016 which was last April 15-17th! I hadn’t attended any big Lan party since what… LAN ETS 2008?!! Many things changed and all for the best I can tell you that! Larger venue, more people, more activities… more fun! I really had a blast!

Among the many cool things like trying some VR demos, meeting pro players, etc., I had the chance to watch extreme overclockers at work, preping for the World OC Championship during HWBOT World Tour 2016 and also learn more about Liquid Nitrogen and see it in action!

I even shook hands with the creator of the famous StarCraft parody song: “WHEN I’M GRANDMASTER (Wavin’ Flag SC Parody)“.

There was also some crazy PC modding all over the place, a booth to try one of Ubisoft’s newest title FarCry Primal, costume contests, the usual “Smash your old keyboard live on stage ‘n’ get a new one“, exclusive souvenirs and much more!

As I mentioned at the beginning, I had the opportunity to watch extreme overclockers at work, but there was also an overclocking competition open to all attendees and organized by my friends at

I thought I’d give it a shot. After a quick 30 min briefing and then only 30 minutes to get the highest benchmark scores, whada’ya know…

I made the Top 10! :D

sirus_top10All in all, a great event! Definitely attending again next year!



P.S.: If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


End of Global Game Jam!

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It’s already over! Now the real fun begins!

There’s only like 6800+ games to check out! :D



Global Game Jam starts TODAY!

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Hello dear readers!

The Global Game Jam starts TODAY! It’s gonna be my first one ever! :D

logo ggj 2016 001

Happy jamming!