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Secure your personnal data – Part 2: FileZilla (FTP client)

Posted in Privacy, Security, Software, Tweaking with tags , , , , on April 16, 2013 by Sirusdark

Welcome to another ultra fast and simple how-to!


Why encrypt FileZilla’s config files? Well, by default FileZilla stores the information in plain text and if your computer gets compromised, you’ll regret it, a LOT. If you value your data, secure that information. Here’s how:


1. Create a TrueCrypt encrypted container (50Mb or less) then mount it on the Drive letter of your choice. Let’s pick “Q:“.
2. Create a folder in that container (unless you want a whole container just for FileZilla) and let’s name it filezilla_config.
3. Now simply redirect FileZilla’s config in that folder by editing fzdefaults.xml (located in FileZilla’s ProgramFiles folder) like this:

<Setting name=”Config Location”>Q:\filezilla_config

4. Now, FileZilla’s data is secure and won’t even start until you mount again that encrypted container!
5. Since you’re using an encrypted container, keep multiple copies, stored in different places. SimpleĀ  precaution.