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Happy April Fool’s day!

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Today is prank day! :D

What did you do? Which prank made you laugh most?

I know one didn’t: Google’s Mic Drop Gmail feature: It could’ve been just a prank feature, but some people at Google thought a good idea to ACTUALLY implement it.

That Mic Drop send button featured did 2 things: it added the famous Minion Mic Drop animated GIF in the e-mail and prevented ALL REPLIES from going in the inbox. People sent important e-mails using this feature; some even reported their regular send button became a Mic Drop reply. Yeah. It backfired big time.

If you’ve been spared and didn’t get to see it in action, check out Google’s official blog :




E-mail ALIAS – A quick how-to

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Hello again fellow following followers!

As promised in my previous post (august 23), here’s a quick how-to for using e-mail Alias.


First, what’s an alias? Well, just like the word means, it’s to be used as “another name”. The other name is usually desired when an e-mail account’s names is too crappy or simply too long/complex to remember. Ex.: An e-mail could look something like this: With an alias, it could become something a lot easier to remember and to write down:

A very common use (which used to be advertised as such back then) is to change that e-mail name you created while in sixth grade. (Ex.: Why change? You may (or not) realized later on that you just can’t use this e-mail on your CV because frankly, it ain’t professional. So, instead of creating a new account, you simply create an alias; No new e-mail account and no new login to remember!


Microsoft, Yahoo! or any decent e-mail provider should/must support the creation of alias. Note that weirdly enough, Google’s Gmail does NOT; you’ll need a new account altogether on that platform or use their “notes” system… which defies the very purpose of alias.

Here are Microsoft’s and Yahoo!’s alias creation instructions:

Microsoft (Live, Hotmail, etc.) alias creation

Yahoo! mail alias creation




Why you need free e-mail accounts –, Gmail…

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[ This post has a FREE BONUS ]

Internet Service Providers (aka ISP) often bundle in their services offering e-mail addresses. But there’s a big problem: if you ever switch provider or stop paying, you’re doomed. I made a couple of phone calls and spoke with some well known Canadian ISP’s customer service and they all told me the same thing: if you change provider, you can’t keep the provided e-mail address. Some may offer you to keep it, but for a fee.

Freedom is free

A free e-mail account on the contrary, is free, it offers the same functionality, long term stability and a LOT more benefits.

With a free e-mail account, mainly you can choose any ISP you want, change whenever you want, you’ll still have the same e-mail address. Move in another country? Not a problem; as long as you have Internet access, you’ll be good to go!

Be smart, start using a free e-mail account from providers like Microsoft (Hotmail,, Live), Google (Gmail) or Yahoo.


Free e-mails however usually have requirements: you usually must stay active. Ex.: Microsoft requires that you sign into your Microsoft account at least once every 270 days, Gmail possibly 9 month too, etc.  So anyone who uses e-mail normally will ipso facto meet the activity requirement anyway. What are you waiting for? Get a free e-mail today!


I’m still waiting for an official answer from Yahoo!. Since their Terms of Use are quite ambiguous and incomplete about Account inactivity, I can’t recommend it, yet.

EDIT – August 26: Yahoo! Public Relations Manager, Public Policy’s representative replied to my e-mail. Stay tune for more info! :D

EDIT – September 17: I never heard again from Yahoo! since last time. Guess they don’t value much their users after all. Oh well.

Final word

If your e-mail doesn’t look professional (Ex.:, don’t worry, you don’t have to change or create a new e-mail account. Stay tuned for an upcoming article on how to use e-mail alias!



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