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Microsoft Outlook – Extract and save all embedded images

Posted in Software with tags , , , , on July 12, 2013 by Sirusdark

Sometimes, you may receive an e-mail that contains embedded images that you want to save. It’s easy to right-click an image and save the image. But backgrounds? That’s impossible…

Since it’s impossible, here’s how:


1. Open Outlook (duh) then open the e-mail.

2. File -> Save as – > choose “HTML (*.htm, *.html)“, then save it anywhere you want.

It will create an html file (the e-mail) AND a folder with every images your e-mail had. Open that file and copy the image(s) you want! When you’re done, simply trash everything (your e-mail is still in Outlook, so don’t worry, it’s not even linked).


If the picture you’re looking isn’t in the folder, it means it’s on the web. Simply open the HTML in your browser (Firefox), open AdBlock, find the picture you want and save it!