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Best Mass Effect 3 Ending?

Posted in Games with tags , , on April 7, 2013 by Sirusdark





My first reaction when I finished ME3 was:

No way I’m gonna  re-load and endure dialogs/cut-scenes with no skipping of  25 min each just to see the different endings…

Then I thought:

No way I’ll replay some near hundreds of  hours just to see what different decisions in ME1, ME2 and ME3 do.



So I went strait to YouTube and watched every scenes without replaying the whole thing!

I’d also like to hereby express my sincere thanks to all the Mass Effect fans out there who recorded conversations, cut scenes, endings, and such. It allowed me to enjoy every moments and most importantly, save precious time.

In conclusion, what is the best Mass Effect 3 Ending? Imagination. Nobody can argue one’s imagination.



So what’s MY ending? I imagined a mix of everything and engraved it in my mind:

Synthesis is a safe process, then Reapers help rebuild and protect the Galaxy and Shepard lives with Tali on Rannoch, the Quarian’s homeworld. Everyone lives happily ever after.




FAQ: Why am I blogging about Mass Effect 3’s ending a year later? (it launched back in march 2012). Well, I waited a year before playing it.

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