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How to clear Windows 8’s Jump Lists (aka Folder History)

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Here’s how to clear Windows 8‘s recent Jump Lists (aka Frequent File, Recent or Folder History) from your Taskbar shortcuts/icons. Note that you can also clear your recently opened programs, but that’s not desirable, as you’d also lose your Run history… Something very useful to keep if you work efficiently.

Jump the Jump Lists

First, right-click anywhere on an empty space of your Taskbar >go in Properties > then click the Jump Lists tab and ONLY uncheck:

[ ] Store and display recently opened items in Jump Lists

Click Apply, then re-check the box and click Apply. That’s it! Your Jump Lists history should now be empty.



List of all MAC (OS X) keyboard shortcuts

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Here’s a list all the keyboard shortcut for MAC.

From Apple:

More detailed:


Also, here’s a comparative chart of Windows, MAC and Linux (KDE/Gnome) shortcuts. Notice how some are almost identical from one system to another!




List of all Windows keyboard shortcuts

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Here are links to Windows keyboard shortcuts. I STRONGLY recommend you start using your keyboard more: reduced wrist strain, increased productivity, you’ll reap the benefits in minutes. After a week or two, it’s for life.

Note that almost all shortcuts works on any Windows versions and are often very similar to other systems (Linux or Mac).

Windows XP Home & Pro

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 8 & RT




XP Pro – How to change sorting preferences of File Dialog

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-For some reason, whenever I Opened or Saved a file, the File Dialog showed my files and folders not in alphabetical order as it used to, but as “Last modified”… So for some reason, it seemed the Open/Save File Dialog window’s default sorting option changed.

Now, it’s interesting to know something can change that!


-How to change sorting preferences of File Dialogs?


THE SOLUTION – Sirus version
-Open Windows Explorer (Windows Key + E), select drive C: and sort to your liking. Now HOLD Ctrl key + click Close [X] button top right.


-The File Dialog default view will now be the same as the one you chose, no restart requires and Windows Explorer’s individual folder view stays unchanged.
-For all the details of how I was able to solve this, check the post I made on Microsoft Technet! :