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Life Principle – The Compound Effect

Posted in Knowledge, Life Tips with tags , , , on August 22, 2016 by Sirusdark

I was recently asked to write a small essay for an English test and since I chose an educational topic, I thought I’d share it with you!

The Compound Effect

I’d like to share something I’ve learned on achieving goals. It’s called the Compound Effect. We’ve all had at some point in our life moments where we really wanted to change something: lose weight, a better salary, a new job, have more free time, etc. Most of us would like these changes now, without the effort. Well, here’s the beauty of the Compound Effect: it’s effortless and requires little discipline to NOT do more than planned!

Cutting down a tree

Let me start with a quick scenario. Let’s say you want to chop down a tree in your backyard. You could cancel your BBQ party, spend the whole weekend chopping it down, hurting your back and be on sick leave for a week. Or, you could grab your ax, swing at the tree a few times, go back inside and resume your activities. Every morning. Do this, and by the end of the month, I guarantee you that tree will be down.

Steps – Rinse & Repeat

Just like testers explain in five steps how to reproduce a bug, here are the 3 steps to succeed in any endeavor:

1. Have a clear goal of what or where you want to be.
2. Find the smallest actions needed to reach that goal.
3. Do it once every day.

Tracking your progress will become easier, seeing said progress will reinforce self-esteem and soon, you’ll be reaching your goals faster than you could’ve imagined!

It’s the accumulation of seemingly insignificant actions that dictates where we are and where we’ll be tomorrow.

That’s the Compound Effect.



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