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Useful Origami 001 – Dust Protection

Posted in How to with tags , , , , on July 22, 2014 by Sirusdark

This is a bit different than usual, but I thought some people might find this new Origami series useful. I’ve been using plain paper in various ways for years now and I thought I’d share some of my “secrets”! It won’t always be exactly Origami, but since there’s usually paper folding & cutting involved, I’m still gonna call it Origami. :D

Useful Origami 001 – Dust protection

For today’s Useful Origami, I’m gonna show you how using plain paper and little pieces of tape I keep my Propellerhead’s Balance Audio Controller dust-free.

dust cover 000

dust cover empty 002

dust cover empty 001

dust cover 003

dust cover 002

dust cover 001


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