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How to – Change default Contact Search scope in Outlook 2013

Posted in How to, Tweaking, Workflow with tags , , , , , on May 5, 2014 by Sirusdark

Outlook 2013 LogoThis week’s post is about Outlook (again). This tip was one hard to find information, because that information is simply nonexistent: nowhere will you find in Outlook 2013 settings to change its default contact search scope.

Help is here

But don’t worry, I finally figured it out. Microsoft Office devs sure are a lazy bunch, I can tell you that. In my Outlook, my contacts are sorted in different groups/folders. By default, when searching contacts, Outlook searches only in the CURRENT folder, thus omitting a lot of results, since in my case I also have contacts in other folders. It was really getting on my nerve: EVERY single time I searched a contact I had to change the search scope to All Contacts. After doing some research, I finally found how to change once and for all that pesky search scope to All Contacts by default.

Mailbox settings

Believe it or not, Outlook’s search settings are found in the Search tab of Outlook’s options. Now guess what? There are no settings for contact search; only for the mailbox. And that’s what the problem is all about: the mailbox search options are ALSO those of your contacts. No wonder you can’t find anything about it! Some say it’s obvious and makes sense since your outlook file (.pst) contains your e-mails AND your contacts. I’m sorry, but managing e-mails is different than managing contacts. Microsoft should’ve seperated the settings to behave independently of each other.

Anyway, simply put, changing your mailbox search settings also changes contact search settings.




Firefox – Right-click search in the background

Posted in Browser, Tweaking with tags , , , on January 21, 2014 by Sirusdark

Firefox LogoHere’s another life-saving tweak for your favorite web browser Firefox!

Whatever your preferred search provider is, you can always right-click a selection and search it. This opens a new tab with the selection queried and by default, Firefox will switch focus to it, thus leaving the page you were on. That’s not efficient.

Here’s how to load that search in the background (no page abduction)!


Firefox is awesome and what’s even more awesome is that you can customize almost every aspect using the about:config page. It’s were you can edit all your browser’s settings. Unlike Microsoft’s RegEdit that can truly mess your Windows OS, the about:config is user-friendly and will even tell if a setting is by default or user set!

Now, search for this entry:

and simply double-click it to change it’s value from false to:


That’s it! You can now search stuff without leaving the page you’re on!