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Lost & found – My ThinkPad’s UltraNav TouchPad app! (Blame Windows 10)

Posted in Computer, How to, Windows with tags , , , , , , on December 19, 2015 by Sirusdark


I was super mad (again) at Microsoft yesterday: a new update/upgrade for Windows 10 came out and after installing, it trashed my ThinkPad’s TouchPad settings and removed ThinkPad’s UltraNav app icon from my system tray…

That’s what I initially thought, since the same thing happened to my Lenovo Power Management app because it apparently was incompatible (yes, Windows 10 uninstalls stuff on a whim, just like that.) but, it didn’t! And I managed to find where it got hidden and luckily for me, it had only disabled the tray icon’s visibility and reset settings to default.

Also, what contributed to my initial panic is that the UltraNav utility is not listed in the installed programs (aka Add & Remove Programs) since it’s consider a driver and made me think Windows had uninstalled it.

So, here’s where to find TouchPad settings or ThinkPad’s UltraNav settings under Windows 10!

Start > Settings > Devices > Mouse & touchpad

Then, on the right, the last section called “Related Settings“, click that “Additional mouse options” link. This will open ThinkPad’s UltraNav TouchPad utility!


Once it’s opened, make sure to check the “Show UltraNav icon on the system tray” check-box again.

VoilĂ ! Now if you’ll excuse, I’m leaving to see that new Star Wars: The force awakens movie EVERYONE is blabbing about… :D



Firefox issues (v.42+ ) – How to access JavaScript Advanced Settings again

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Firefox‘s new options menu is good looking, sure. But it’s now incomplete, as some options are unavailable. JavaScript’s advanced settings is one of those “gone” settings from the new interface. In case you’re wondering what the heck it’s all about, you might wanna install that Firefox SettingSanity extension I recommended some time ago.

Configuring da configs

Here’s how to switch back to the good ‘ol menu and access those beloved Advanced JavaScript Settings:

Simply set the browser.preferences.inContent to false in Firefox’s settings, about:config (only works in Firefox).


Back in business

Once it’s turned to false, you’re good to go!





Skype – How to prevent sound from being lowered during a call

Posted in Audio, Software, Windows with tags , , , , , on March 17, 2014 by Sirusdark

You may have noticed that when you make a call or answer one in Skype, your global Windows sound may lowered in order let you to hear the call better. Often, this behavior may not be desirable. So here’s how to modify the default settings!

Windows, not Skype

First of all, you must understand that it’s NOT Skype that’s turning down da volume, it’s actually Windows: it detects conferencing/phone call applications (aka Skype) and reduces the overall volume when one is used. This can sometimes messed up online videos volume, live/streaming video feeds volume, etc. which may require a browser restart to get the volume back to normal. That’s just one of the numerous reasons you may not want this behavior.

Windows Sound Settings

Here’s where you can change the settings to fit your specific usage:

Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound > Communications tab

Windows Skype Sound