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Got a reply from heaven

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Hello fellow surfers!

Yesterday, well, a couple of hours ago, I got a reply from heaven!

I was browsing stuff as usual when a unique musical duo grabbed my attention on U-Tube. Wasn’t your typical instrument either.

Never thought I’d ever enjoy listening to HARPS. And, as if it wasn’t peculiar enough, they’re played by two beautiful twins!

Since I was very pleased with the recording, the sound guy in me couldn’t resist asking for a “studio” version. I wasn’t expecting much when I got quite the reply, including technical details. So here it is for your enjoyment!


– Camille and Kennerly

+Sirusdark ~ Aww. Thank you so much for the sweet comment, compliment, and encouragement!  Sorry, but we do not play or record in a studio. We are much more low tech and we have no extra people or equipment to film ourselves. All of our videos are live sound. If you are interested in our “how we do it” we will post it again below. If not, thank you for checking this out!
Our videos are self-made samples of music we have arranged ourselves for performances – Only our 2 harp parts – but No backtrack, loops, harp overlays, studio recording, crew, etc. We are really playing when we film, so we can hear ourselves at all times. That is how we are able to play together. :) :)

However, like anyone making a “music video”, we do not use the sound we recorded through our little camera on a tripod – even when playing our electric lever harps or little acoustic harps. There is always too much ambient and environmental noise outdoors (wind, birds, traffic, people, dogs, trains, planes, etc.) plus filming from different directions and distances. When we get home we record ourselves LIVE in our living room. We play together (at the same time) just as you see us doing in the video and add it to the edited video footage.

We also play electric lever harps (Fear of the Dark, The Trooper, Nothing Else Matters, Star Wars) and very small acoustic lever harps (Crazy Train, Zelda Lost Woods, Ice Queen). Unlike other instrumentalists we have not overlayed ourselves by playing adding “extra” harp parts to fill out the sound. What we play is what we can perform ourselves – live. Please listen with headphones for much richer detail.

You might enjoy a little of the feeling from our live performances here: Photos:  and and

Thank you for visiting. Blessings, x2

047_HarpTwins_8-900w_001Camille and Kennerly Kitt

Let me tell you that after a very long day of troubleshooting and attempting to fix people’s problems, it really made my day! :D



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How to – Export iPhone’s iMessages images and camera pictures

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Today I wanted to export all the pictures I had received in an iPhone (not mine… long story) via iMessage (Apple’s SMS App/system) and all the pictures I had taken with the camera. Since I’m not super familiar with iPhones, I did a quick online research so I wouldn’t waste any time

You wouldn’t believe all the crap solutions out there for such a simple operation. I’ve seen everything from scripts hack to PAID third party applications and even people bricking their device using such solutions.

Take my money!

So as usual, I figured out how to do it the easy, free and simple way for you! I hope you find this useful, ’cause I sure did!!

iPhones stores 2 types of images: pictures taken with the phone’s camera and pictures received in iMessage. Unless you save those images to the phone’s storage space, you won’t be able to access them directly and easily.

3 Steps

First, you’ll need: an iPhone, an iPhone USB cable and a Windows PC or Laptop.

1. Open the iMessage conversation and click “Details” at the top right. Then, scroll down, then press & hold your finder on the first image (or just any, doesn’t matter). A pop-up will appear, tap “More…” Then select/tap all the images you wish to save and press “Save Image“. This will save all the selected image and copy them alongside the pictures taken with the phone’s camera.

2. Plug the iPhone to any USB port on your Windows PC or Laptop.

3. Navigate to your iPhone in Windows File Explorer (Shortcut: Windows Key + E). Path example: This PC\Apple iPhone\Internal Storage\DCIM\100APPLE. Copy & paste everything. Done!

Now, you wanna go home and rethink your life…



-None – But there’s a movie reference hidden somewhere in this article. Did ya found it? :D