Launch any program from the “Run…” prompt

In my eternal quest for increased computer efficiency (that is, to minimize mouse usage) I wondered how I could launch programs via the Run… prompt only.

Binding keyboard shortcuts for each application is one way to go, but requires coding, registry hacks (see reference) or use of third party application.

The solution I’ve found is quite simple (as usual), doesn’t require any coding and takes only a few seconds to enable a program to be launched from the Run… prompt. Here’s how:

1. Create a shortcut of the application you wish to run quickly,
2. name it exactly the way you’ll type it to launch it,
3. then move that shortcut in your Windows system folder.

In Microsoft Windows OS, the Windows folder is not hard to find:


Once the shortcut is there, simply launch the Run… prompt (WinKey+R or START -> Run…), type the name of the shortcut and voilà!




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