Dual/Multi boot simplified

Here’s how to have multiple OS installed simultaneously WITHOUT doing any boot configuration whatsoever. It applies only to desktop PC (or systems that can have multiple hard drives).

Most people go the hard way and install their different operating systems side-by-side on the same drive. Instead, do your installs on SEPARATE hard drives, then simply chose which drive to boot from at startup using your motherboard’s boot option. (often F8)

That’s how I boot between my Windows XP and Windows 8. In between I have another hard drive that contains all my DATA, which is accessible by both OS.


-Install OS on a single hard drive and make sure it’s the only ONE connected. Some OS modify boot loaders of other drives and this can prevent other drive from booting. After installing, disconnect and connect the next drive for the next OS. There is no specific order.

-Once logged in, you should disconnect (not physically) the drives you don’t need unless you need to. This way, it minimizes the risks of data loss.



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