UnMHT – Generate offline versions of your favorite web pages

I already introduced UnMHT in a previous post about Translated Excel Functions, but I think this Firefox add-on deserves its own post since it’s so useful.


What is UnMHT

UnMHT is a Firefox add-on that generates MHT files from web pages. MHT or MHTML is a file format like many others, except it works like an archive (.7z, .zip, .rar, etc.) and includes WITHIN the file all the necessary files, scripts, pictures and code required to view a web page offline, exactly like its original online version.

This is very useful. Everyone can have a different reasons to view a webpage offline, but they all share a common thing: no need to be connected to the Internet to view the page.


Installing UnMHT

Of course, since you’re already using Firefox, this will be very, very easy. Simply open your extension manager (Ctrl+Shift+A), enter “UnMHT” in the search field, search and install. That’s it! Nothing to download, no link to go to and no restart required!


Creating MHT pages

Once UnMHT is installed, simply go the a page you want to save for future use, then go in File -> Save as MHT and Voilà! You’re done. You can also simply right-click anywhere on the page and choose “Save as MHT…“. Also note that you can even save multiple opened tabs as MHT.




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