How to – Export iPhone’s iMessages images and camera pictures


Today I wanted to export all the pictures I had received in an iPhone (not mine… long story) via iMessage (Apple’s SMS App/system) and all the pictures I had taken with the camera. Since I’m not super familiar with iPhones, I did a quick online research so I wouldn’t waste any time

You wouldn’t believe all the crap solutions out there for such a simple operation. I’ve seen everything from scripts hack to PAID third party applications and even people bricking their device using such solutions.

Take my money!

So as usual, I figured out how to do it the easy, free and simple way for you! I hope you find this useful, ’cause I sure did!!

iPhones stores 2 types of images: pictures taken with the phone’s camera and pictures received in iMessage. Unless you save those images to the phone’s storage space, you won’t be able to access them directly and easily.

3 Steps

First, you’ll need: an iPhone, an iPhone USB cable and a Windows PC or Laptop.

1. Open the iMessage conversation and click “Details” at the top right. Then, scroll down, then press & hold your finder on the first image (or just any, doesn’t matter). A pop-up will appear, tap “More…” Then select/tap all the images you wish to save and press “Save Image“. This will save all the selected image and copy them alongside the pictures taken with the phone’s camera.

2. Plug the iPhone to any USB port on your Windows PC or Laptop.

3. Navigate to your iPhone in Windows File Explorer (Shortcut: Windows Key + E). Path example: This PC\Apple iPhone\Internal Storage\DCIM\100APPLE. Copy & paste everything. Done!

Now, you wanna go home and rethink your life…



-None – But there’s a movie reference hidden somewhere in this article. Did ya found it? :D

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