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Happy April Fool’s day!

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Today is prank day! :D

What did you do? Which prank made you laugh most?

I know one didn’t: Google’s Mic Drop Gmail feature: It could’ve been just a prank feature, but some people at Google thought a good idea to ACTUALLY implement it.

That Mic Drop send button featured did 2 things: it added the famous Minion Mic Drop animated GIF in the e-mail and prevented ALL REPLIES from going in the inbox. People sent important e-mails using this feature; some even reported their regular send button became a Mic Drop reply. Yeah. It backfired big time.

If you’ve been spared and didn’t get to see it in action, check out Google’s official blog :




April aftermath

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What was the best April Ad you’ve encountered? Send it by e-mail and it could be featured right here!! Here’s mine:

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