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Christmas Fun with Google!

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I saw the latest Google mini-games (also called doodles) and thought I’d share them because they actually make you learn stuff! Music, countries, coding… Try the Santa Map Quiz… You’ll be surprise how hard it is! (or not!)

If you’re too scared getting caught playing cute-childish games, do it with kids! No one will know! :D

Google Santa Tracker Village


This one celebrates Ludwig Van Beethovens 245th birthday and let’s you learn about his musical creation while enjoying a little story!



Canada Election 2015 – Who are you really for?

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[ You from USA? Australia? Canada? UK? or India? This is for you! ]


Today October 19th 2015, Canada Votes! (You have until 9:30 pm Eastern Time to do so.)

If you’re Canadian (or any other aforementioned countries) and haven’t voted yet, I strongly suggest you check out this awesome questionnaire which may help you understand who you might wanna vote for.

Tip of the Iceberg

BEFORE you jump in and start answering with your gut feelings, I want you to imagine that YOU are in charge of your country and must take decisions for the greater good. Keeping that in mind, and only then, answer the survey/quiz. You’ll most likely be surprised by the result… Thinking vs feeling really are two things.

Instructions :

  1. Imagine YOU are the Prime Minister of Canada (or the leader of your country) and you’re the one takingĀ  decisions for the greater good of the country.
  2. Do NOT answer with your feelings, but with what you think is most beneficial for the country, the long term and humanity.
  3. Don’t bother with the “how important is it to you” slider.
  4. Fill out ALL questions; that means also clicking the “Show more X questions” links, whenever available.

quiz_show_moreSee this below a category? Click it.

Okay! You’re in da zone and have the right mindset? Here’s the Canadian quiz!

As I mentioned, if you’re from USA, Australia, UK or India, there’s also a quiz for you! Simply choose your country link at the bottom of the website:

So, was the result expected? :D